On Show

  • Realistic Scenes

    Realistic Scenes

    Our Team spends days arranging dinosaurs, plants, and backgrounds to depict breathtaking scenes from the Jurassic period.

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  • Dino Rides

    Dino Rides

    With various different dinosaur rides for children, they will have a once in a lifetime experience! From our most popular…

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  • Face Painting

    Face Painting

    Our talented face painters offer dozens of Dinosaur designs to choose from!

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  • Bounce House

    Bounce House

    Watch children’s faces light up like never before once they see our dinosaur bounce houses. Kids of all ages can…

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  • Dino Fossils

    Dino Fossils

    Witness the replicas of remains that these prehistoric creatures have left behind for us to discover.

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  • Fossil Dig

    Fossil Dig

    Aspiring paleontologists will love this archeological adventure using brushes to discover a covered dinosaur fossil!

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  • Museum Quality Dinosaurs

    Museum Quality Dinosaurs

    The craftsmanship and attention to detail in our dinosaurs will leave you in awe. We even provide scientific as well…

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  • Real Breathing Dinosaurs

    Real Breathing Dinosaurs

    These dinosaurs welcome you by batting their reptilian eyelids, gnashing their razor-sharp teeth, clawing at you with their colossal talons,…

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